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Pink's New Video Features Duct Tape, Album News (VIDEO)

Just the other day we were admiring Pink and her admirable longterm commitment to the pink hair. Seriously, how many other pop stars have stuck with such a drastic style for so long? (Not that we recommend such commitment to everyone -- Justin, those cornrows had to go.)

Turns out Pink is not only still pink but also still singing and she's taken to Youtube to let us all know. In case you missed it earlier this week, we'd like to bring this new video to your attention: Pink decided to announce her new album "The Truth About Love" through a short video clip... but all we can focus on one thing (er, two): the x-marks-the-spot duct tape pasties covering her boobs.

Pink's also got some peculiar hair going on, an ombre pink bouffant with a mullet-like ponytail in the back. But seriously, the pasties! The tape x's, visible underneath a sheer white tank (or is it a leotard?), look pretty heavy-duty -- ripping those babies off couldn't have been pleasant.

Misson accomplished, Pink: we are all now well aware of your new album. And your ability to go braless.

Check out the video above... and a visual history of pasties in our lovely slideshow below. Happy Friday!

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