Pinky and The Brain , and Condi Rice

For those of you who didn't follow it, Pinky and The Brain was a cartoon show about a very small mouse with an enormous head, the Brain, and his lanky, dumb-as-a-post sidekick, Pinky, also a mouse. Each episode consisted of the Brain coming up with a complicated scheme for world domination, which invariably failed. At the end, Pinky would ask, "What are we going to do tonight, Brain?" and Brain would reply, "Same thing we do every night, Pinky...TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!

So where does Condoleezza Rice fit into this? She is clearly not Pinky, so she must be The Brain. She didn't come up with the idea for the war in Iraq all by herself, so there's a slight difference, but she's been pretty consistent about supporting it. She is now just about the only person with an I.Q. of over 100 who still does.

Not that I.Q. is everything. The guy in the White House clearly has learning disabilities and should be given extra time on the tests, as much as he needs.

But in the I.Q.-over-100 crowd, there's Condi, and I suppose Bill Kristol and that military historian (hah! oh sorry, I spilled my coffee on you!) Robert Kagan. But they are clearly the victims of a secret biological weapon mixed into their Cheerios by a terrorist on staff at The Weekly Standard which froze most of their cerebral cortexes.

So that leaves Condi. Her brain is still functioning, she's a scholar, she's very smart, and even had the good sense to appear downcast when she was being grilled by Team Democrat at the recent Senate hearings. You think maybe she doesn't believe any of this nonsense herself and is just pretending, like Colin Powell, so that there's one just-pretend lunatic running the asylum, better than if it were only the lunatics.

So pretty soon she will step down in order to spend more time with the her oil tanker. Then, after a decent interval (three years?) she will say that come to think of it, all of this wasn't such a hot idea. And she and Colin Powell can form a consulting firm, Bad Advice Consulting, Ltd. And they could hire Pinky and The Brain.