'Pinsanity': Comediva Mocks Obsessed Pinterest Users (VIDEO)

Pinterest is probably the best and worst thing to ever happen to the wedding industry -- and a women's self esteem, for that matter.

Perhaps the only equivalent to the level of profit for seamstresses and bakers -- whose yummy or gorgeous images are pinned and re-pinned across the site -- is the amount of bridal angst and competitiveness the site fosters.

Now, Los Angeles-based female comedy studio and website Comediva has captured the very essence of the site in a hilarious YouTube clip.

Dubbed "Pinsanity," the video pokes fun at the cupcake-laden site, by portraying the user audience as high income, style-obsessed divas who love to pin, shop and bake.

The video also mocks the jealousy fueled by the site's "like" and "repin" buttons which, in this case, cause a jogger to have her bra stolen mid-run.

What do you think? Is the video an accurate depiction of Pinterest?

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