Pinterest Down? Site Suffering Outages, Not Functioning Properly

Pinterest Users Battling Site Problems, Downtime Today

Pinterest may now be the third most popular social network on the Web, but being so popular can come with problems too, and the site seems to be experiencing those now.

In recent days, Pinterest has at times loaded slowly, crashed upon pinning or re-pinning, and served up 404 error pages. This evening, some are having trouble accessing Pinterest at all.

(Are you having problems accessing Pinterest? Let us know in the comments below.) has said multiple times in the past hour that appears to be down. But that message keeps changing, as it goes up and back down again.

Among those reporting problems with Pinterest today are Pinterest users on Twitter.

nooooooo #pinterest seems to be down. What am I supposed to do on the internet now? Back to #reddit

— Caroline(@beesacaroline) April 10, 2012

Pinterest hasn't addressed such claims on its Twitter page, Facebook page or blog. At the time of this writing, none of those have been updated in the past five days.

The only two social networks more popular than Pinterest right now, Twitter and Facebook, have had their own downtime over the years, but have been mostly reliable in recent months. Downtime used to be a much bigger problem as those sites grew., which looks at the status of popular Internet services, does not track the status of Pinterest.

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