Pinterest Etiquette: 9 Things Pinners Should Never Do

Polite Pinning: 9 Things You Should Never Do On Pinterest

Pinterest has had an incredible year. In February, it was found to have attracted 10 million unique viewers faster than any other standalone site in history; in May, it became the third most popular social networking site, trumped only by Facebook and Twitter.

Seasoned Pinners probably noticed that with the influx of new users came tons of pixelated photos, uncredited images, spam, even service outages. Nevertheless, new users continue to flock to the pinboards where slick images and creative new ideas flourish.

Whether you're an expert or a noob, everyone can appreciate pinning done properly. But what turns us off is regular flaunting of the site's etiquette. With that in mind, we've pinned down (sorry!) a set of guidelines for pinners old and new.

Check out the gallery (below) to see what not to do on Pinterest, and share your own tips in the comments. Then, have a look through our gallery of tips for Pinterest beginners. For more social guides, take a gander at our guides for what not to do on Instagram and annoying tweets we wish people would stop posting.

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9 Things Not To Do On Pinterest

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