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This Husband Made A Secret Pinterest Account To Up His Gift-Giving Game

Now this is genius.

Now here’s a clever use for Pinterest that has nothing to do with decorating ideas.

When Jordan, a 29-year-old from Westfield, New Jersey, first started dating his now-wife TyAnna in 2014, he didn’t know what to get her for a Valentine’s Day gift. So he made a secret Pinterest account to follow her and look for clues, according to BuzzFeed.

Jordan kept his account on the down low. 
Jordan kept his account on the down low. 

Some of the spot-on gifts Jordan has gotten TyAnna over the years include jewelry and lip gloss. One gift was particularly special.

“The one gift she was most surprised by was a sapphire nose ring I purchased before the wedding,” he told HuffPost via Twitter on Tuesday. “When I met TyAnna, she had a nose ring that she loved. When she moved into the workforce, she took it out, and wanted a nose ring for our wedding. I figured I’d be able to surprise her with something blue. It wound up being too small to fit, but she was really touched by the gift, and I’d found the vendor by looking at her Pinterest.”

Jordan and TyAnna have been together since 2014 and got married in March. 
Jordan and TyAnna have been together since 2014 and got married in March. 

Jordan shared his clever hack with the world on Saturday, in response to a tweet by activist Deray McKesson questioning Pinterest’s use:

TyAnna told BuzzFeed that she “wasn’t surprised” by her husband’s admission “because Jordan really goes the extra mile to make me happy.”

What is surprising is the strictly positive feedback Jordan has been receiving on Twitter, he said. At the time of publication, his tweet has been retweeted over 86,000 times and favorited nearly 317,000 times.

“Much to my surprise, I can’t remember or find a single negative response,” he told HuffPost. “The Internet shocked a grizzled old netizen like myself.”

But there’s something even more valuable than giving the perfect gifts, Jordan added.

″[The] best gift you can give is time,” Jordan told HuffPost. “Try to take out as much time as you can to just be together and enjoy one another.”

As for Pinterest, the company told HuffPost men are their fastest growing user base, and users can save gift ideas on Secret Boards.

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