11 Ingenious Hacks For Hiding Ugly Wires In Plain Sight

You'll be the Houdini of hidden cords.

If the underside of your desk looks like this:

Or this:

Or this (Lord help you):

You need some serious cord management help. Luckily, Pinterest has compiled some majorly helpful hacks for hiding those unsightly wires. With just a few DIY tricks, you could be living in cordless heaven.

First, let's talk about the tangle of cables underneath your desk.
Grab some cord clips to string wires behind your desk.
Conceal your router in decorative boxes.
Next, try hiding your lamp cords behind a DIY baseboard.
Attach FlatWire to your walls and paint over it for invisible wiring.
Or disguise your wires with paintable cord covers.
Use binder clips to keep cords out of sight.
Place a power strip in your nightstand to hide your chargers.
Feed cords from your wall-mounted TV through the wall.
If you don't feel like drilling holes in the wall, hide wires inside a shower curtain rod cover.
And if you truly can't hide that lengthy cord, turn it into something beautiful!

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