Pinterest Popularity Explained: What's Behind The Pinning Addiction? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Why Is Pinterest So Addictive? (INFOGRAPHIC)

What makes some social media sites reign supreme while others whither and die? It's a question that marketing gurus and users themselves have often pondered.

Take Pinterest. At first glance, the site resembles a collage of images ranging from Hello Kitty cupcakes to nail polish and ornate wedding dresses. But take a closer look at the user demographics and you'd be sorely wrong to dismiss the concept.

Moreover, since the pinboard-style website's inception in September 2009, the site has seen a nearly 900 percent increase in unique visitors, with 17.8 million unique monthly views in February, up from 11.7 million one month earlier.

In terms of time users spend on the site, Pinterest is only third to Facebook and Tumblr, with users spending an average of 98 minutes on the site per month, Mashable explains.

Its referral traffic -- that is, the number of users it sends to other websites -- is also through the roof, beating out Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.

But what makes the site so popular? Exclusivity helps. You can't just join Pinterest. Instead, there's an actual waiting list. Clean design also might be responsible. And maybe those yummy cupcakes ...

But to fully examine the site's appeal, take a look at Column Five's Pin obsession Infographic below.

Hooked yet? Check out these 27 gorgeous Pinboards that we've put together specifically to distract you from anything important you need to get done in the next hour. (You're welcome.)

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