13 Space-Saving Hacks That'll Make Your Tiny Home Feel Like A Palace

These small spaces are fit for a king.

Small spaces lead to clutter. Clutter leads to stress. Stress leads to burning all your earthly possessions in the dead of night and running away to join the circus.

Okay...not REALLY. But stress is bad for your health. Tackling clutter at home is essential for creating a calm, relaxing space. Bust your clutter with Pinterest's best space-saving hacks. Your tiny home will look and feel like a million bucks!

Turn your kitchen drawers into sliding cutting boards.
If you can't fit a table in your kitchen, create a cafe corner instead.
Turn your fake kitchen drawers into useable space.
Hang pots and pans on a sliding rod to free up cabinet space.
Cut a table in half for a slim spot to store mail and keys.
Mount your bed on a platform for maximum underbed storage.
Or invest in a Murphy bed to open up more floor space.
Free up floor space with a super-cool suspension bed.
When in doubt, fold it out.
Skip the coffee table and opt for sofa arm trays instead.
Set your dresser flush with the wall.
If you're running low on closet space, install a corner hanging rod.
Use spice racks for mini bathroom shelves.

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