Here's How This Guy Took A Pioneering Selfie In 1935

All he needed was a piece of string.

Instagram and iPhones weren't around when this man wanted to snap a selfie in 1935, but he made it happen with just a film camera and some string.

Redditor John_Jard posted online Tuesday this fascinating picture, which his grandfather self-took some 80 years ago in Ontario, Canada.

He said his grandpa took the shot by connecting a piece of string to the camera's shutter release and then pulled on the twine to activate it.

John_Jard asked in the image post whether his relative's snap, which also features a dog, could indeed be the "original selfie." 

While his grandfather's creativity is to be applauded, the accolade of selfie pioneer currently goes to Robert Cornelius.

Russian princess Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova is believed to have taken the first mirror selfie in 1914, while Australian general Thomas Baker is also regarded as a pioneer of the trend.

The actual term "selfie" -- short for self-portrait -- is much more recent. It can be traced back to 2002 and was named Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013.


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