Piper Palin Blocks Reporter From Sarah Palin On Bus Tour (VIDEO)

A reporter seemed to get too close to Sarah Palin for her daughter's liking during a stop in Philadelphia on the former Alaska governor's bus tour of the eastern United States earlier this week.

Piper Palin appeared to physically block a reporter when he welcomed her mother to the City of Brotherly Love and tried to ask her a few questions. The former governor herself did not shy away from engaging with members of the press in a clip of the action from local station My Fox Philly.

On Wednesday, Real Clear Politics relayed new details on Palin's bus tour:

Following her current "One Nation" tour of the Northeast, Palin will next journey to the Midwest, where Iowa will be front and center. Plans are still being drawn up, but she may visit the World Pork Expo in Des Moines.

During the third leg of her tour, Palin will travel to South Carolina and may also appear at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, where several other current and potential GOP White House hopefuls are scheduled to speak.

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