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Pippa Middleton Book On The Way?

Planning a party? Get Pippa on the line!

Some of you might remember that Pippa has a day job working for her parents' company, Party Pieces. As the Telegraph described it, "They've made a fortune out of party favours, paper plates and silly hats."

Pippa's role, among other things, is to run the company's blog, called The Party Times, where she doles out advice about planning kids' parties with articles like "Create Your Own Halloween Makeup Faces" and "Party Lighting Ideas for Every Occasion" (written by other people, it seems).

Between running the blog and attending every party on Earth, Pippa has become quite the expert. Which can only mean one thing...

Book deal!

Yes, according to sources, the famous Middleton sis has landed herself a deal writing a party planning book. The Telegraph reports that Pips has sat down with several publishing houses, including HarperCollins, and might bag a whopping 1 million pounds from the royalties, international rights and "spin-off projects" (like... a TV show? Our fingers are crossed!).

A source told the Daily Mail, "Pippa is very serious about the project and has been going to see publishers personally. Pippa hasn't signed a contract yet but I don't think it will be far off."

So what will be included in the tome? The Guardian had a few (funny) suggestions, penning a faux blog post featuring Pippa giving her best party advice:

This is my treatment for Pippa's Amazing Royal Party Book, my sister the Duchess and her husband the future King of England think that is an amazing title or I know they will when I ask them. Also I did Bunting Studies at Edinburgh. OK, so...

Who shall I ask? In my experience there is no substitute for guests. And royals are no different from the rest of us. Make sure your friends have titles or come from Saudi and everyone will be happy!

But what do I wear? For me, red will always be the brightest colour. In royal circles the second rib down is considered quite low enough, thank you! Velcro on your pants will make your dress stick to your bottom.

Conversation can be fun! But these days it looks quite dated. In royal circles an airborne bread roll is worth a thousand words.

How to say goodbye Never go home with someone whose address is more than two words long.

The last tidbit is our favorite and our new life motto.