Why Pippa Middleton Was The Worst Bridesmaid (PHOTOS)

Has it only been two years since Will and Kate's royal wedding? Perhaps it feels like it's been forever because our love for the couple is eternal. As we revisit all our wedding memories in preparation for the anniversary on Monday, we remember the highs -- and the lows -- of the royal nuptials.

Let's look back at Pippa Middleton's role on her sister's special day. Pippa played the part of maid of honor, but we found her performance far from supportive. We resent her most for taking attention away from Kate, but there was plenty to find fault with. Behold, a list of Pippa's biggest bridesmaid blunders:


pippa middleton bridesmaid

2. She upstaged Kate.

3. That tan.

pippa middleton bridesmaid

4. She turned all eyes to her butt.

pippa middleton bridesmaid

5. She was WAY taller than all the other girls in the bridal party.

6. She was really bad at fake crying.

pippa middleton bridesmaid

7. She totally dragged the train.

pippa middleton bridesmaid

8. She just stood there.

9. Her hair looked too good.

Any more reasons we missed? Let us know in the comments!

Pippa's finer moments:

Pippa Middleton's Style

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