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Pippa Middleton Reportedly Dating Nico Jackson After Mustique Photos Surface

Tracking Pippa Middleton's love life is a full-time job. Just last month, the almost-royal was spotted on a hunting date with Belgian billionaires. Before that, she hopped the pond to cozy up to New York's Andre Balazs.

Now, it looks like Pips is getting serious with someone. Want proof? She brought him along to meet the family on the now-infamous Middleton Mustique vacation.

The Daily Mail reports that the mystery man snapped holding hands with Pippa on the beach last week is Nico Jackson, a 35-year-old stockbroker, aka a fellow commoner. The British publication got the scoop from a so-called "friend" of Ms. Middleton:

"Nico comes from a totally different background from Pippa’s other boyfriends. But he can run well with the best of them. He is tall, good-looking and has the most amazing piercing blue eyes. He is incredibly charismatic and stands out from the crowd. He is a really good catch. Everyone is after him."

Pippa's past love interests include banker (and cricket player) Alex Loudon and George Percy, son of the Duke of Northumberland. Obviously, the 29-year-old knows how to pick 'em. Mr. Jackson isn't such a stranger to the upper classes either -- he dated Alice Farquhar, daughter of Captain Ian Farquhar, for two years. The pair were regulars on the social scene.

So is Nico the one for Pippa? Meeting the parents is pretty promising, but the party-planner has become known as quite the charmer. Perhaps she still has more flirting to do before she finds her prince... Either way, we have to give Pips a big thumbs up for her latest flame. Here's hoping what happens in Mustique doesn't stay in Mustique!

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