'Dancing With The Stars' Pro Mark Ballas Hopes To Team Up With Pippa Middleton

"Dancing With the Stars" pro, Mark Ballas is helping get his ex-partner, Kim Kardashian, ready for her first dance as a married lady on August 20th -- however, Kim isn’t the only women on Ballas' mind.

“My first choice of celebrity dance partner next season would be Pippa Middleton,” Ballas tells me. “I was a huge fan from the second the world got to see her at the wedding.”

But if Pippa doesn’t work out, Ballas would also be totally down with the idea of being the first American cast member to dance with a same-sex partner.

"I would be totally cool with it," says Ballas. "There are other competitions where they have same sex couples. I'd support it. There is a slight inherent disadvantage. Two girls and two men just can't move like a man and a woman. But you can try."

After finishing third the past two seasons of the hit show, first with Bristol Palin and then with Disney star, Chelsea Kane, this year Ballas is in it to win it.

“We don’t get any say in who is our celebrity partner,” Ballas reveals. “We literally find out at the same time we walk in and meet the celebrity. Obviously a lot of things go into consideration like age and height and personality but we never know in advance. I have just been super lucky.”

Perhaps Ballas' lucky streak will continue and he'll have a British beauty in his arms once the new season begins.

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