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Pippa Middleton Is Very Shiny At 'Shadow Dancer' Premiere (PHOTOS)

We rarely catch Pippa Middleton doing anything but walking to work or taking in the occasional tennis match. But the famous sis decided to walk the red carpet today for "Shadow Dancer," a new movie set in Ireland that's premiering this month in the U.K.

Which is typically the kind of fun, glamorous event that brightens our day. But Pippa posed for the glaring flashbulbs on the "Shadow Dancer" red carpet looking, well, rather unlike herself. Instead of the pulled-together, low-key look that is her signature, Pippa's skin has a shiny, fake-baked tinge and a heavy layer of makeup to match.

We're also perplexed by her two-tone dress, with its white undershirt and faux strapless top. Are these things connected? What's the deal?

But really, the main problem here is the tan, which is not tan but orange. Perhaps someone should be taking skincare tips from her big sis?


pippa middleton

pippa middleton

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