Pippa Middleton Packs On The Sparkles For Sugarplum Ball With Nico Jackson (PHOTOS)

She may not be a full-fledged royal, but Pippa Middleton is leading the life of a fairytale princess.

This was further proved last night as the 30-year-old attended the Sugarplum Ball in London. Sparkly evening gown? Check. Grand-yet-cutesy event? Check. Her very own prince charming? Check -- OK, boyfriend Nico Jackson isn't technically a "prince," but he's dreamy enough to make up for his lack of royal title.

Accompanied by Jackson, Pips showed off her charmed existence in a black sheer evening gown, complete with a sparkly jacket and even sparklier chandelier earrings. (Looks like she wasn't too bothered by Morrissey recently calling her a "thickwit," "socialite" and "the sick face of modern Britain.")

We're just waiting for the day Pippa publishes a column detailing how to maintain a princess-like lifestyle without actually being a princess. That might be a little more useful than her previous guides.


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