Pippa Middleton Sits Front Row At Temperley London Spring 2012 (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Pippa Gets A Front Row Seat At Temperley

There were no royals (or siblings thereof) at Saturday's Issa show, but Pippa Middleton surprised everyone by turning up at the Temperley London show on the fourth day of London Fashion Week.

Pips sat next to Rosario Dawson in the front row of Alice Temperley's runway show, which included many white and black looks (the latter of which Pippa wears quite often).

For her first Spring 2012 fashion week appearance, Pippa chose a black and beige print dress paired with her black booties, which we first saw her step out in last week.

Although she wore her usual heavy dose of blush, Pips' hair looked particularly curly today, like someone went to town with the curling iron.

Pips took in the show like a pro, perhaps scouting out her spring outfits. The famous sister has worn Temperley London in the past, most notably at Prince William and Kate's wedding (the same style, in fact, that Lindsay Lohan wore for America's royal wedding -- the Kardashian-Humphries nuptials).

Below, check out pictures of Pippa sitting pretty in the front row.

Pippa Middleton At Temperley

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