This Skeptical Pug Meeting A New Friend Really Gets Us

#NoNewFriends... except then they become besties.

This pug can clearly only be thinking one thing: "OH, HEEEEELLLLL NO."

Twitter user Adeline Garrett took to the social media site on Wednesday to share a photo, which went viral, of her dog Pippin, reacting to a new small giraffe toy that Garrett's mother purchased for the pooch.

Let's just say Pippin wasn't too pleased. 

While the pup looks utterly disgusted with Mr. Giraffe, Garrett explained to HuffPost the dog was just a bit weary of the toy at first and was really just startled after hearing the squeaky noise the toy makes. Since their initial meet-and-greet, Pippin and the small giraffe toy have actually become friends. 

That's not the only change that's occurred since the picture took the Internet by storm. Garrett said her room has also gotten a lot tidier.  

Guess this proves that maybe first impressions aren't everything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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