Piranhas Attack 100 Beach Goers In Brazil

'Piranha 3D'...In Real Life

Remember that so-bad-it's-almost-good movie from last summer where crowds of scantily-clad spring breakers were viciously attacked by a swarm of piranhas at Lake Victoria?

Fiction quickly turned to a horrifying reality (though not nearly as horrifying as in "Piranha 3-D") for around 100 beach goers in Brazil last weekend, Breitbart reported.

The throngs of bathers were treated at a hospital in Jose De Freitas for bites on their heels and toes from piranhas at a local beach.

Since there is nothing to challenge their position in the food chain in the northeast Brazilian waters, local environmental official Romildo Mafra told UOL Noticias the flesh-eating fish have taken to preying on humans. So far, introducing 100,000 tilapia to the local food chain as an alternative is one solution environmentalists are testing.

According the article, the attacks have been going on for two months.