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'Pirates' Arrested On Boat With Skull And Crossbones Flag After Failed Robbery (VIDEO)

The Coast Guard caught up with a pirate ship and locked up two bungling buccaneers who allegedly tried and failed to raid a sailboat in Gloucester, Mass.

Two men flying a black, skull-and-crossbones flag on their boat, boarded a docked sailboat, but were chased away Thursday night when the owner spotted the wannabe plunderers on his deck, The Gloucester Times reported.

The Coast Guard quickly caught up with the fleeing motorboard sporting the telltale Jolly Roger and arrested Scott Stanton and Steven Jette, according to The Associated Press.

The suspects warned the sailboat owner that they were armed, but the only contraband that authorities found when they busted the men in Smith's Cove were six lobsters, TV station Fox 25 said. They didn't have licenses to catch the crustaceans, but there was no other ill-begotten booty on their craft, the station said.

The suspects pleaded not guilty, according to WHDH.

Pirate-themed perps have popped up several times in recent crimes -- even in landlocked Denver, far from the seven seas. There, a thief dressed like a buccaneer has held up a pharmacy twice this year.

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