Pirates Of Silicon Valley: Steve Jobs Inspired Larger-Than-Life Film Character (VIDEOS)

While Steve Jobs' innovations at Apple have inspired gadget-makers the world over, his personal flair and creative spark also gave rise to a silver screen character, a pirate of sorts, a pioneer, a rebel of Silicon Valley.

Adapted from Paul Frieberger and Michael Swaine's book "Fire in the Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer," the 1999 telefilm "Pirates of Silicon Valley" dramatizes the relationship between Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in the context of the rise of the personal computer.

The cast of characters reads like an all-star roster of Silicon Valley giants, with Anthony Michael Hall playing Bill Gates, Joey Slotnick as Steve Wozniak, John Di Maggio as Steve Ballmer, and Josh Hopkins as Paul Allen. The film's star, Noah Wyle, bears an uncanny resemblance to Steve Jobs, with his beaky nose and flop of straight brown hair.

The actors' over-the-top portrayals of these Silicon Valley icons helped earn the film 5 Emmy nominations, including one for best TV movie, though some critics took issue. As Zenny Tropa wrote in a 1999 review, "The primary problem with Pirates of Silicon Valley is that it paints every person and event in it like Central Park caricatures. Wyle tries too hard at being the brilliant asshole. Anthony Michael Hall plays Bill Gates like the unpopular kid trying to take over the clubhouse."

The film opens with a young Jobs telling director Ridley Scott about his vision for the now iconic 1984 Apple Super Bowl spot, a commercial that according to AdWeek, "established that venue as the platform for big, new branding campaigns from all sorts of advertisers."

"We're here to make a dent in the universe," Jobs says in the scene.

Take a look at the slideshow (below) to see more exciting clips from the film. Then, take a look at our slideshow of videos featuring real-life Steve Jobs' most iconic moments at Apple.

For those looking to see a young Jobs in all his hungry and foolish glory, 'Pirates of Silicon Valley' airs October 6 on TNT at 8 and 10pm ET.


CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story indicated that the actor who played Bill Gates is named Anthony Michael Scott. His name is Anthony Michael Hall.