Pirates of the Caribbean Movies: Each Director Brought a Unique Spin to the Franchise

Artur Furmanek/Getty Images
Artur Furmanek/Getty Images

What unique spin has each director given to the films in the Pirates franchise? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Answer by Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer of Film and TV, on Quora:

I think we hit the jackpot with all of our Pirates of the Caribbean directors, who each brought their own unique talents to the films. Gore Verbinski, of course, set the temper and tone with the first three films with his enormous visual creativity and imagination. Gore is one of the gutsiest and most original filmmakers we have, with an amazing ability to construct really complex and fun action sequences and also hit all of the emotional beats.  Rob Marshall is a great professional who has a wonderful way with actors, a great deal of wit and charm, and is fearless in taking on big challenges and risks. It’s no easy feat to come into an established franchise and manage to retain the fundamentals of the series while bringing your own vision to the table. Rob’s background in musical theatre and film and choreography were really beneficial, because he already knew how to stage huge action and movement. With “On Stranger Tides,” Rob was tasked with working with technically challenging 3D cameras, very tough and sometimes cumbersome considering how many locations we were filming in, from Hawaii to the UK to Puerto Rico, and I think he did a great job of immersing the audience into the film without overwhelming them with gimmicky 3D effects.  Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg brought their own enormous energy to “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” and a great enthusiasm for the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Joachim and Espen already had an Academy Award nominated film, “Kon-Tiki,” under their belts and have a great film vocabulary as directors. They love to keep the camera fluid, so they utilized a range of new technologies, such as camera drones, to literally keep things moving. I think that Joachim and Espen also brought a great deal of humor to “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” as did screenwriter Jeff Nathanson, which made good use of Johnny’s enormous comic talents, particularly in the bank heist and guillotine sequences.

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