We Guarantee You'll Feel Happier After Watching This Pit Bull 'Swim' In Her Ball Pit

We could watch Safira 'swim' in her ball pit all day long.

You may see this gloriously joyous video of a pit bull in her ball pit and wonder: How can I bring this kind of euphoria to my own life?

Happily, it turns out that question has a really great answer.

This is Safira. For now, she lives at Best Friends Animal Society's Utah sanctuary, where dogs are treated to waterless swimming sessions on a regular basis. (See also: Bruce.)

And you can be a part of it!

Best Friends offers tours. Many folks also spend time at the sanctuary as volunteers, where if you're not helping Safira, Bruce and the other dogs stay delightfully entertained, you may find yourself hiking with cats.

You may not want the pit party to end, after your visit. Well, that's the best news still, because sweet Safira is up for adoption.

Bring her home! We promise: You'll have a ball.

H/T Reddit

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