Hero Pit Bull Bites Kidnapper Who Ordered It To Bite Victim: Cops

A kidnapper's attempt to sic his dog on a victim backfired after the pup refused to take orders and bit the kidnapper instead, deputies say.

Gabriel Garcia of Las Cruces, New Mexico was indicted Thursday on a slew of charges including kidnapping, assault, and criminal sexual contact, the Las Cruces Sun-News reports.

Officials say the 26-year-old met a woman at a party and took her car keys, then contacted her through Facebook saying he would meet up with her and give them back, according to KOB.

The two decided to meet on May 31. Instead of giving her keys back, though, Garcia allegedly brought the woman to his house, refused to let her leave, and began making sexual advances toward her, KFoxTV reports.

The woman managed to dial 911, but Garcia overheard her and allegedly pushed her down the stairs and ordered his dog, a pit bull terrier, to bite her.

Instead, the dog bit Garcia.

Garcia then allegedly dragged the woman by her hair into his bedroom and threatened to kill her if she told anyone, but she was able to escape and call 911 a second time.

Garcia was treated for a dog bite on his arm before being taken to jail.



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