Each one celebrates and supports pits. We're having a hard time choosing just one!

It's time to order your 2016 calendar. And pit bull lovers, you are positively rich with options this time around.

Each of these calendars features wonderful pictures of the goofy, smiley, photogenic dogs that we know pit bulls to be.

But since the whole world hasn't caught up quite yet: They all also benefit pit bull rescue groups, advocacy organizations and individuals working their tails off to make sure 2016 is is a very good year, for our beloved dogs.

Celeste Giuliano Photography/Pinups for Pitbulls

The theme of Pinups for Pitbulls's 2016 calendar is traveling with your pit bull -- and how hard that can be, when so many cities and counties still have pit bull bans.

"Most people do not know, that in certain parts of the country, your dog can be taken away from you even if you're simply passing through. It is important for people to know that they must research their route before taking a road trip," Deirdre Franklin, the nonprofit's founder, said. Franklin also serves as this year's cover girl, along with her dog Baxter Bean, who took instantly to the side car.

Lynn Terry

Photographer Lynn Terry -- best known for her pictures of pit bulls in a photo booth -- made pit bulls into pinup models, for the her 2016 calendar benefitting the St. Louis-based rescue group Mutts n Stuff.

Terry says her aim was to show the dogs "in a funny and soft side."

"If they can tolerate being dressed up and doing silly things like laundry then perhaps we can stop thinking of them in a vicious light," she says.

Dog Breath Photography

The Unexpected Pit Bull's 2016 calendar is filled with inspiring, joyful stories about adopted and rescued pit bulls and the people who love them.

"We want people to put up their calendars in their offices and have their colleagues stop because they see a gorgeous photo, then stay there so that they can have a conversation with you about pit bulls," Hanna Fushihara, the group's art director, said. "We wanted the calendar to be a celebration but also a potential conversation starter. We’re confident that even non-pit bull lovers will be swayed by the quality of each photograph."

Sophie Gamand

Shelter dogs wear floral crowns in photographer Sophie Gamand's 2016 Flower Power calendar -- an extension of Gamand's much-acclaimed Flower Power photo series, which is aimed at helping folks re-think pit bulls, and getting shelter pups adopted

"About half of the calendar models have been adopted. I hope the others will find homes soon, maybe even thanks to the calendar itself," Gamand said.

www.tagyourpix.com/Charleston Animal Society

Rescued animals with real-life rescuers -- like firefighters -- is the actual theme of the Charleston Animal Society's 2016 calendar.

Since so many of the firefighters seem to be missing their shirts, another theme is "Pecs and Puppies," Caroline Eller, who organized the calendar and took some of its more fiery images, said.

One of the calendar's stars is Caitlyn, the pit bull who was discovered with her muzzle taped shut in late May, in North Charleston, South Carolina.

"Every time I see her calendar image I’m reminded of how far she has come and how happy she was during her photo shoot," Eller said.

And by looking so good, Caitlyn's helping out other animals, as well. Calendar sale proceeds will go into the Charleston Animal Society's Toby Fund, which covers medical expenses for abused and abandoned animals.

Austin Dog Rescue

Austin Dog Rescue's 2016 calendar features musicians hanging out in adorable ways with dogs who are currently up for adoption, or who've recently found homes through the rescue.

"By pairing the dogs with some of our best local talent, we hope to bring awareness that great dogs, like great music, come from many backgrounds, take many forms, and that there is always something for everyone," Tyler Neufeld said. "All of the pit bulls featured had a rough start, but have found their way to families who are devoted to them and who they can love forever."

Guinnevere Shuster

Shelter pets save Utah from UFOs and other calamities, in the Humane Society of Utah's 2016 calendar.

But during the shoot, Miss October, Sweety the pit bull, seemed more interested in climbing into photographer Guinnevere Shuster's lap and "sneaking kisses" than in protecting civilization.

Not that Shuster was complaining.

"I figured if she was going to save us from an alien invasion, it'd [be] by what pit bulls do best, giving kisses," she says.

Bikers Against BSL

Every one of the dogs featured in Bikers Against BSL's first-ever calendar belongs to a type or a breed that's banned somewhere in the United States.

"Each of these dogs are loving, loyal family members. We want people to see the beauty of these dogs, and their inherent goodness," Chris White, the group's founder, said.

Proceeds will support Bikers Against BSL's efforts to fight breed specific legislation -- the titular "BSL" -- across the country

The Pit Bull Princess

Earlier this year, the online store Pit Bull Princess held a contest, asking actual men who volunteer with dog rescue groups to send in photos of themselves with rescued pits, along with essays about their work.

Twelve admirable humans, and some lucky dogs, were selected for the "Real Men Rescue Pit Bulls" 2016 calendar -- a portion of the proceeds goes back to the shelters and rescue groups the men volunteer with.

"In a field typically dominated by women, these men stand out in the rescue community in their ability to love, nurture and stand up for dogs that have been beaten, abused and discriminated against," Nancy Vlahos, Pit Bull Princess owner, wrote on her website, "These are real, everyday men doing extraordinary things for pit bulls. They are amazing role models."

Ruthless Photos

Australian photographer Ruth O'Leary volunteers with pet rescue groups, taking gorgeous adoption photos that help doggies find homes.

She's compiled 12 of these pics into a beautiful calendar that she hopes shows pit bulls' "beauty, their softness and especially their quirkiness."

Calendar sales will benefit a group called Fetching Dogs, which rescues and finds homes for dogs, and also helps train and rehabilitate doggies who need a little extra help.

The calendar is also a whole lot of fun for the people whose adopted dogs are featured.

"It's been amazing hearing from the people who have adopted a lot of these big goofballs and seeing how excited they are about their new best mate being a calendar star," O'Leary said. "They positively gush with love for their new dog and thank me for taking the photos that helped them to notice their adoption profile. It's heartwarming to see the happy ending that all these dogs deserve."

The calendar will be ready for order soon -- keep tabs here.

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