Pit Bull Cuddles With Chick, And All Is Right In The World

This pit bull's snuggly disposition just broke down basically any stereotype about the breed.

This week, a 2007 video of a pit bull named Sharky nuzzling up against his itty-bitty chick friend has experienced a viral resurgence on Facebook, winning the hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

"What a sweet, beautiful dog," wrote one Facebooker Friday.

"Awww so adorable!" exclaimed another.

Pit bulls get a bad rap, but the dogs' reputation seems to stem from many a misconception. For instance, despite rumors to the contrary, pits don't actually have locking jaws, many have been credited with saving human lives, and even pits that have been trained to fight can be -- and have been -- successfully rehabilitated. Plus, they've proven to be no more violent than any other dog.

Just ask Sharky. (Oh, he likes bunnies, too.)