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Pit Bull Returned To High Kill Shelter For Farting Too Much Gets A Second Chance


This pit bull got a lucky break: unlike so many other block-headed pups, Misty was adopted out of a high kill shelter in South Carolina.

Then Misty was returned -- because she "passes too much gas," according to a heartbreaking Facebook post put up in late June by the Greenville County Pet Rescue:

Misty's story -- which inexorably leads one to the conclusion that people can really, really be the worst -- was first shared on, prompting outrage and more than one offer to buy sensitive tummy food for the dog. Misty went on the shelter's "urgent" list, meaning that the year-old doggie, who is friendly and good with other pets, would be euthanized if no one new were to bring her home.

Luckily, we can heave a collective "phew": Susan Bufano, a shelter spokesperson, told HuffPost by email that Misty will soon be in the care of people who know to expect a little flatulence, and a lot of love.

"We are still evaluating her and have a foster for her," said Bufano. "We anticipate finding her a home."

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