Pit Bull Pup Rescued From Donation Bin Outside Walmart Gets Fresh Start

The precious pooch is now safe and sound.

After a rough beginning, this puppy is getting the care he deserves.

Shaun Derienzo and a coworker were emptying a "Big Brothers Big Sisters" donation bin outside a Walmart store in Ferguson, Missouri, earlier this week, when they heard a squeaking sound, KTVI reported

The bins are typically filled with clothing, books and other items for kids, so initially Derienzo thought the sound had come from a kids' toy. But he soon found out that his guess was wrong. 

“The sweatshirt started moving and out comes a little baby pit bull,” he told KTVI. 

Derienzo brought the dog to Paw Patch Animal Hospital where the pup was examined before being placed in a loving foster home. The pooch, who's been named Patch, will be ready for adoption when he's 6 or 7 weeks old, Senta Clore, practice manager for the hospital, told The Huffington Post in an email. 

Clore told HuffPost that Patch was a little dehydrated when he arrived at the hospital, but was otherwise healthy.  

It's unclear how long the dog was inside the donation bin, but KTVI reported that the bins are checked once a week. 

The hospital plans to work with the Animal Welfare Association to eventually get the adorable pup adopted into a forever home. 

To learn more about Paw Patch Animal Hospital, visit its Facebook page here

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