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From Scared Stiff To Slobbery Kisses, Terrified Pit Bull Transforms After Rescue From Trash Heap


A bit of patience and a whole lot of TLC has transformed a terrified pit bull into a bundle of slobbery, loving joy.

In the video above, watch the nail-biting rescue of Thor the pit bull from a Los Angeles recycling facility.

Eldad Hagar, co-founder of Hope for Paws, rushed to the facility to save the dog from a potentially hazardous situation. The animal rescue group had been contacted by the center after workers discovered the pooch hiding amid piles of trash.

Hope for Paws told The Huffington Post that it was “one of the trickiest” rescues that Hagar has ever performed. The facility provided a bulldozer and an excavator to help with the rescue, but the pit bull was so frightened that he kept running away, precariously bounding over loose trash heaps and forcing Hagar to attempt the rescue on two different days.

When Hagar finally managed to contain Thor in a confined space, the scared dog began barking furiously and baring his teeth.


Hagar kept a safe distance away, all the while talking soothingly to the dog.

“I had to go slow and be patient,” he said in the clip.

His patience finally paid off.


Hagar drove Thor to the vet, where the dog received medical treatment and was given a much-needed bath.

Before long, Thor and his rescuer became the best of pals.


pit bull rescue
Thor and Hagar, photographed by Diana Lundin.

Thor is now living with a foster family organized by LA Animal Rescue. He is still looking for a forever home.

To find out how you can adopt Thor or other animals like him, visit the websites of Hope for Paws and LA Animal Rescue, or your local animal rescue group.

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