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Giant Pit Bull 'The Hulk' Weighs 173 Pounds

GIANT Pit Bull Weighs 173 Pounds

Being attacked by this dog would be the pits.

"The Hulk" is a towering, 173-pound pit bull bred and raised by Dark Dynasty K9s, based in Carroll, New Hampshire.


In the YouTube clip above, The Hulk can be seen jumping on his owner to get a treat and stepping on the scale where his enormous weight is revealed.


"I breed my dogs for size," Dark Dynasty owner, Marlon Grennan, told The Huffington Post. "I have been strategically breeding my dogs for years to keep the best working traits alive."

The Hulk was born in September 2013, according to Dark Dynasty's site.

The company specializes in "Security Dogs, Personal Protection, Obedience Training, and Behavioral Issues," according to its Facebook page.

Breeding pit bulls, no matter the size, is not a good idea, according to Becky Holly, a member of the board of Fresno Bully Rescue.

"We get 400 requests per week from people who want to surrender their pit bulls," Holly said. "Adding to the numbers of these dogs is irresponsible."



Grennan said he is very careful about who he sells his pit bulls to. He said his contracts with the people who buy his dog stipulate that he can check in on the dog and its environment every three months.

He also said he takes in rescue dogs and is working on starting his own pit bull rescue program.

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