This Mashup Of Pit Bulls And Kids Shows That These Dogs Can Be A Loving Addition To Any Family

This post is part of HuffPost's ongoing #PitBullWeek coverage.

One of the biggest myths surrounding pit bulls and other so-called "bully breeds" centers on the acceptance of these dogs into homes with children. Understandably, many parents want to make sure a family companion will be another loving, protective addition to their homes, and many have looked past the misconceptions to see these dogs for what they really are; just about the nicest pups there are.

Like any breed, some dogs are good with kids and some aren't. Parents and dog owners can take quite a few steps to encourage good behavior from both pets and children when the two interact, including appropriate supervision and obedience training, according to these tips from the ASCPA.

Take a look at this clip from HuffPost Live to hear pit bull foster parent Brian Garton talk about Brooklyn, a rescue pup that came from an abused home and is now living a happy, healthy life with Garton and his family.

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Kids and Pit Bulls