Pitbull And Chris Brown's Horrible Lip Sync At Univision's Music Awards, Premio Lo Nuestro (VIDEO)

Pitbull performed alongside Chris Brown at Univision's Premio Lo Nuestro last night in a performance that can only be characterized as underwhelming.

The duo teamed up to sing lip-synch their pop hit "International Love," which was first released in May as a single off Pitbull’s sixth album, Planet Pitt.

In their performance, Brown and Pitbull dress as pilots and dance with scantily clad flight attendants in a makeshift airport set.

Yet, the real reason to watch is not to soak up the melodic rhymes and see a surprisingly dapper Chris Brown hop around the stage, but to note the awesomely bad lip-synching.

Whereas Pitbull chooses to keep the microphone close to his mouth -- albeit to hide his lip movements -- Brown blatantly pulls the mic away and busts a move while the vocal track keeps on rolling. The screaming fans in the audience may not be able to see these blunders, but we’re not fooled.

See it for yourself in this video, and let us know how many lapses you catch.