People Had Strong Feelings About Pitbull's Tight, Tucked-In Jersey

From "absolutely hideous" to "this look is heat."
07/11/2017 11:12am ET
Rob Carr via Getty Images
To tuck or not to tuck? That is a question with which Pitbull is unfamiliar.

Welp, this does it: Everything about Pitbull is polarizing.

The Miami-bred form-fitting clothing enthusiast performed for his hometown at the Home Run Derby at Marlins Park on Monday wearing what some might call the world’s tightest jersey, tucked into equally tight white pants.

Not everyone was taken with Mr. 305′s performance getup. One social media user called it “absolutely hideous.”

Others at least acknowledged his strong tuck talent:

It’s true that the jersey looks exceptionally small for a grown man, especially relative to how most of them wear jerseys.

It’s worth pointing out that this is hardly Pitbull’s first tight and tucked-in rodeo. Here he is rocking a similarly slim look at the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

PEDRO UGARTE via Getty Images
Another tuck.

Tuck and let tuck, dale?