Left To Die In A Burning House, Mama Pitbull Makes A Miraculous Recovery

Khaleesi the dog and her puppy were rescued by Dallas firefighters.
Khaleesi after being rescued from a burning house by Dallas firefighters.
Khaleesi after being rescued from a burning house by Dallas firefighters.

For this mother pitbull, the odds of survival seemed painfully slim. The Dallas home where she’d been living was set ablaze by an arsonist, and the criminal is believed to have slashed her neck open -- twice -- before fleeing the scene. 

But thanks to her extraordinary resilience, and the generous help of a group of local firefighters, the pooch -- and her puppy -- were given another shot at life.

According to NBC DFW, the pitbull had been living in a home in southern Dallas last week when the building suddenly erupted in flames. Witnesses reportedly saw an arsonist “spreading gasoline around the property.”

Firefighters rushed to the scene, and managed to extinguish the blaze. Later, as they were searching the property, the crew said the pitbull came up to them, seeking help.

“She was strong and she was the sweetest thing,” firefighter Joe Nguyen told WFAA. 

Nguyen said it was immediately clear that the dog was in great pain and badly injured. Two fresh, deep cuts were discovered on her neck -- an injury that was likely inflicted by the arsonist, the firefighters said.

“I was heartbroken, I’ve never seen something like that before,” Nguyen told NBC DFW. “It was pretty upsetting that people would do something like that to a dog.”

The firefighters, who also found the pitbull’s uninjured puppy at the site, brought both animals back to the fire station. Then they called DFW Rescue Me, a local animal shelter, who whisked the mother pitbull to a veterinarian.

The dog -- who the firefighters named “Khaleesi” after the feisty “Game of Thrones” character -- ended up needing three hours of surgery to care for her injuries. Her veterinarian said the animal is expected to make a full recovery. 

“She’s tough as a boot,” he told WFAA.

Khaleesi and her puppy are still in the care of DFW Rescue Me, and will eventually be put up for adoption. The animals have parasites in their bodies, which they are currently being treated for, the group said.

Nguyen told WFAA that the firefighters are planning on raising money to help pay for Khaleesi's and her puppy's care.

In a Facebook post last week, DFW Rescue Me shared photos of the two dogs with a message: 

“Please don’t comment with what you would like to do to the people who allegedly did this. We have already thought it and said it. Concentrate on the fact that the dogs are safe. Probably safer than they have ever been,” the rescue group wrote.   

No arrests have been made for the arson or the animal abuse, according to NBC DFW. At this time, it's also unclear whether the home was occupied or if Khaleesi had an owner.

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