Pitbull's Tasteless Memorial Day Tweet Brings Americans Together

Thank you for your service, Mr. Worldwide.

Rapper Pitbull managed to do the impossible: He brought together a polarized America on Memorial Day.

However, it wasn’t intentional.

It all started when Mr. Worldwide sent out a tweet honoring America’s fallen soldiers, a tweet that seemed more designed to celebrate himself.

Since it’s generally considered bad form to honor America’s fallen soldiers by Photoshopping yourself over the Stars and Stripes, Twitter users opened fire on him (metaphorically speaking).

Some stated the obvious.

Some felt compelled to thank Pitbull, but in a backhanded way.

Some just couldn’t deal.

Others theorized on if there was anything Pitbull might have done to make the self-aggrandizing tweet a teeny bit less offensive.

Others just stated the obvious.

Some people predicted this tweet might be part of a series.

Others recognized the connection between commerce and faux-patriotism.

If Pitbull has any regrets about making Memorial Day about himself, he’s keeping mum. The singer has not apologized nor removed the tweet.