Pitch Perfect Three…The Funniest Yet!

Pitch Perfect 3 ...what a fun evening! The use of the music juxtaposed against the need to tell a story works because of the masterful cinematography by Matthew Clark. Constantly cutting and layering story as the Bellas sing keeps boredom from even entering the mind. The Bellas have won the world championship as the acapella singing group and now are going on a USO world tour. Beca ( Anna Kendrick) is the voice of the group, but natch the gags go to Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson). Again it is the writing by Kay Cannon that is the star of this film. The one liners could be delivered by your sister and still get a laugh, but Fat Amy certainly gives it her all and her timing is impeccable. Australian to the chore, she uses it to her advantage and when her monster of a father John Lithgow who manufactures a great Australian accent tries to murder her. His acting is top drawer as always and he is a great foil for the Bellas to work off of. Emily (Haillee Steinfeld) is so gorgeous and such a blast of innocence it is hard to keep one’s eyes off of her. She is a real scene stealer. As always Gail (Elizabeth Banks) is her stellar self. Pithy and strong. Always a delight. John (John Michael Higgins) is her partner who follows the Bellas with their camera on tour…frequently forgetting to turn it on. The plot is silly and really irrelevant. It is the one liners and the dynamic singing that will keep you entertained. Trish Sie directed with sheer perfection for a perfect Pitch Perfect 3. Don’t miss this one. Enjoy!

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