Pittsburgh Police Dog Rocco Gets Send-Off Fit For A Hero (VIDEO)

For Rocco, they pulled out all the stops.

After a Pittsburgh police dog was injured in action, officers on the force gathered outside the veterinary hospital where he passed away Thursday to mourn their fallen comrade.

In a video of the extraordinary showing, Rocco is carried by his brethren to an awaiting vehicle. Dozens of cops and K-9 officers stand silently and salute the pup as a retired officer plays the bagpipe for the touching memorial.

More than two dozen police vehicles accompanied Rocco in a procession that traveled around the city, the Tribune-Review reports.

But police officers were not the only ones to recognize the German shepherd's six years of service to the force. Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto ordered flags on city buildings to be lowered to half-staff in Rocco's honor.

Rocco "died saving his fellow members and lived serving all of us," Peduto said Thursday, according local NBC affiliate WPXI.

Once news spread that Rocco was injured while apprehending a suspect Tuesday, many called into the veterinary center to check on the 8-year-old German shepherd.

"The scene here has been eight to 10 phone calls an hour from people wanting to help,” veterinary surgeon Dr. Anthony Pardo told CBS Pittsburgh earlier this week.

Now, Rocco will be laid to rest with honors. The funeral service is scheduled for Feb. 7.

"This is a police officer," police spokeswoman Diane Richard told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "it just happens to be a canine."



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