Pitzer College To Add Secularism Major

Pitzer To Add Major In Secularism

Pitzer College is adding a major in secularism, the New York Times reports. The major was added as an alternative to a the more traditional academic path of religion and theology.

The Times talked to Phil Zuckerman, a religion sociologist who proposed the department, for more information:

Studying nonbelief is as valid as studying belief, Mr. Zuckerman said, and the new major will make that very clear.

“It’s not about arguing ‘Is there a God or not?’ ” Mr. Zuckerman said. “There are hundreds of millions of people who are nonreligious. I want to know who they are, what they believe, why they are nonreligious. You have some countries where huge percentages of people — Czechs, Scandinavians — now call themselves atheists. Canada is experiencing a huge wave of secularization. This is happening very rapidly.

“It has not been studied,” he added.

Classes in the major will include topics such as “Bible as Literature” and “God, Darwin and Design in America."

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