Pixar Kiddie Pool Packaging Has Cringeworthy Photoshop Mistake (PHOTO)

Temperatures are rising and the preschool year is coming to a close. Time to break out the backyard kiddie pools! However, if you're purchasing a new one, you might notice a disturbing scene on the packaging for a Pixar Cars-themed pool made by Disney.

Yesterday, Reddit user Matenbock posted a photo of the box displaying a horrific Photoshop error. (Hint: Look where mom's left hand is.)

Consumerist's Chris Morran debunked the theory that the Reddit user was responsible for creating the image -- the offending packaging is available on other sites like eBay and Amazon.

Morran, who once worked in print production, provided a plausible explanation as to why the box was printed the way it was. "As with many photos on product packaging, the image here is actually a composite of multiple photographs. You can tell as much from the above image because the woman’s crudely cut-off legs are floating in the foreground when they should be behind the pool," he wrote. He also spotted the original image of the mom used for a different product, which you can see here.

A less problematic version of the packaging is also on Amazon which implies that the mistake was eventually corrected. Just keep swimming?

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