Pixar's Storytelling Rules (IMAGE)

PHOTO: 22 Storytelling Tips From Pixar

If you've seen Pixar's "Up," there's a good chance you left the theatre with tear-stained 3D glasses after witnessing the simple, heartbreaking romance between chatty adventure girl Ellie and her grumpy beaux Carl. And if you watched "Wall-E," you probably laughed along with the toddlers in the crowd when the clunky robot tripped and rattled his way to triumph. Not to mention, of course, the narrative triumph that is the Toy Story trilogy.

Pixar has become as famous for their storytelling chops, and their ability to create funny, inspiring tales that appeal to all audiences, as they are for digital animation.

So we were thrilled when storyboard artist Emma Coats tweeted a few of the company's key ingredients to storytelling, useful for all aspiring writers.

Some notable inclusions:

  • "Discount the 1st thing that comes to mind. And the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th – get the obvious out of the way. Surprise yourself."

  • "Why must you tell THIS story? What’s the belief burning within you that your story feeds off of? That’s the heart of it."
  • " Simplify. Focus. Combine characters. Hop over detours. You’ll feel like you’re losing valuable stuff but it sets you free."
  • PBJpublishing.com took Emma's advice and made it into a lovely infographic. Check it out!:

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