Seriously, What's With All Of The Pixie Cuts In Hollywood?

Stop everything: Jennifer Lawrence has chopped off her hair into a pixie cut.

Or at least it appears so from a photo she posted to her Facebook page. Once the initial shock wore off, we were left to wonder why all of Hollywood seems to be cutting long locks into drastically different (albeit sometimes chic) pixie cuts.

In the past week alone, we've seen Jennifer Hudson, Pamela Anderson and Kristin Chenoweth take the short leap. Not to mention Beyonce, who went for a pixie back in August. (And an honorable mention goes to Jennifer Aniston, who cut her signature mane into a bob on Thursday). Sure, it's a quick way to make a dramatic change to your appearance, but has the pixie trend gone too far? Is there a conspiracy afoot?

Jennifer Lawrence:

Pamela Anderson:

pamela anderson

Jennifer Hudson:

jennifer hudson

Kristin Chenoweth:


Which look do you prefer?

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