This Pizza Bath Bomb Even Smells Like Pizza. Yes, Really.

It's cheesy in the best way possible.
06/20/2017 09:03am ET

Pizza is more than a food, it’s a lifestyle. And quite frankly, it’s about time the beauty industry acknowledged that cheesy morsel of truth.

A California-based bath bomb shop on Etsy is doing its part for pizza lovers with a new hand-painted pizza bath bomb. Bathesda Boutique’s slice-shaped bomb is surprisingly realistic looking, and, according to Bathesda’s Instagram, it actually smells like pizza, too.

Just look at this beautiful slice of heaven in action:

If you’re more into the idea of pizza in the bath than actually smelling like pizza in the bath, don’t fret. You can custom order the $7 shape in one of Bathesda’s “many other scents.”

Anyone else having fantasies of eating pizza in a bath filled with pizza bath bomb? Yeah, we are, too. Head to Etsy to shop.