Pizza Bean Bag Chair Is A Little Slice Of Heaven (PHOTO)

Yes, like a disco nap, but with more pizza.

Will we ever get tired of talking about pizza? Nope. But, just in case we do tucker ourselves out, now we can take a nap... ON PIZZA.

First there was the pizza sleeping bag, and now there is the pizza bean bag. A perfect place for a pizza nap -- which is probably like a disco nap only it comes between pizza eating sessions. Basically our point is: eat pizza, nap pizza, sleep pizza, breathe pizza. Actually, don't breathe pizza, that probably won't work.

pizza bean bag

If you think you are pizza enthusiast enough, you can pick up the Wow! Works Bean Bag Chair on Amazon for $99.95.

Also, very important to note, there is also a cheeseburger version. Cheeseburger naps. We're on board.

cheeseburger bean bag

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