Attention, Pizza Lovers: Your Pizza Box Is Probably Toxic

The FDA banned chemicals that hold your beloved cheese-and-pepperoni.

"There is no longer a reasonable certainty" that specific chemicals found in most pizza boxes are safe for human use, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

As such, the FDA is banning three "food contact substances" responsible for that waxy coating that repels grease and moisture in pizza boxes.

The substances each contain perfluoroalkyl ethyl, putting them in a class of chemicals called aspoly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, or PFASs. PFASs are also commonly found in microwave popcorn bags, wax pastry bags and many other products, from carpet cleaners to camping tents.

PFASs have been shown in studies to "linger in people’s bodies for years" while appearing to increase the risk of cancer and other health problems, the New York Times reports. The ban comes after a number of health-related groups, including the Breast Cancer Fund and the Center for Food Safety, filed a petition against the chemicals.

Cheese lovers may soon feel the blow in a very real way when pizza comes in an updated cardboard packaging -- the ban went into effect on Monday.

We knew we should've been wearing slices around our necks all along.

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