All Around Pizza Offers 15 Percent Discount To Gun Owners In Virginia Beach (VIDEO)

WATCH: 15 Percent Off Pizza For Gun Owners

Jay Laze, owner of the Virginia Beach, Va., shop, is offering a special pizza discount to gun owners who come in carrying a weapon or furnish their concealed carry permit.

Farr's Fresh, the store in South Odgen, Utah, initially held a "Second Amendment day" offering permit holders $1 off their purchase, Fox 13 News reported. However, the promotion received such a positive response that store owner Ronald Young decided to extend the gun discount for a week, according to WTKR.

"I thought it was a great idea, and I was wondering why nobody here was doing it," Laze told WTKR. "It should be happening all around the country."

Laze, who is a gun owner himself, plans to offer the concession to those bearing arms through March to show his support for the Second Amendment. Fans of the discount thanked Laze for supporting the constitutional right on the shop's Facebook page.

While the right to bear arms is ensured by the U.S. Constitution, it's the states that dole out concealed weapons permits.

Currently, concealed carry is only prohibited in Illinois and Washington, D.C. However, the practice will likely be legalized in Illinois, unless Attorney General Lisa Madigan is successful in her efforts to salvage the gun law that was recently ruled unconstitutional by a U.S. federal court.

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