Pizza Dough Recipe | 1 Minute Series @CookwithAnisa #recipeoftheday

Pizza Dough Recipe | 1 Minute Series @CookwithAnisa #recipeoftheday
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Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe in less than a minute!
As promised, thanks to everyone who requested this on my last video.
This Pizza dough recipe will be perfect if you watched it, so if you haven't, make sure you do with the link below..

As always you should have most of the ingredients and its really quick and easy to follow and make.

Thanks for watching and lets get started!

Flour 250g
Yeast 1/2 tbsp
Oil 1 tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Warm Water 150ml

Mix water, sugar, oil & yeast
Leave aside for 10 mins
Add salt to flour, mix and make a well
Pour into flour, make dough
Cover to rise for 1 hour
Roll out pizza base
Add your favourite toppings
Bake in oven - 160c for 25 mins

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