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Pizza Fails Are Not A Pretty Thing (PHOTOS)

We're warning you, these are ugly.

Homemade pizza should be easy, right? It's just dough (which you can buy already made), sauce and cheese for a basic pie. With those three simple ingredients you may think there's no way anything could go wrong. But you'd be wrong. Very wrong. Because when it comes to the happenings of a kitchen, disaster can occur at any turn. We've seen it with eggs and pasta too.

But here's the thing, no matter how bad your attempt at homemade pizza goes, you can feel better knowing that someone has screwed it up so much worse than you ever could. As long as you can still eat it -- or at least laugh at it -- we think you've done just fine. Look at the sad pizza fails below, and breath a sigh of relief that these were not made by you.

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At Least Your Pizza Has Got A Crust

Pizza Fails

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