Pizza Guy Takes On Armed Robber In Scene Caught On Video

Police in Washington state are looking for a serial robber with a very specific taste in crime: He holds up pizza places.

Jordan Raudenbush, manager of the Pizza Time restaurant in Lacey, had heard about the robberies and wasn't about to give up so easily when the suspect walked in and demanded cash.

In a scene caught on video Saturday night, the gunman tries to grab a bank bag filled with $200. But Raudenbush brazenly grabs it back.

"I was having a bad week," he told KING 5 News.

In the struggle, the gun goes off. Then, the two continue to fight until Raudenbush tosses the robber out the door.

No one was injured; however, police warn that the encounter could have had a very different outcome.

“We don’t recommend fighting with someone who’s armed,” a sheriff’s spokesman told KIRO-TV. “You don’t know their intentions, and it’s just extraordinary he didn’t get hit.”

If Raudenbush's rebellion left an impression on the robber, it didn't last for very long. KIRO reports that another Pizza Time was robbed 45 minutes later, the sixth to be held up in the past month. All of the eateries were believed to be robbed by the same suspect.

The restaurant chain is offering a free pizza once a week for a year to the person who helps catch the perpetrator. Anyone with information can call (800) 222-TIPS.



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