Pizza Hut Ads: Which Makes You The Hungriest? (VIDEOS)

A new study of ad effectiveness among American pizza chains places Pizza Hut at the top of the ad heap. The study ranked pizza chains' ads based on a consumer survey of ad persuasiveness. Pizza Hut ads took seven of the slots in the study's top ten ads, including first and second place. The top-scoring ad introduced Pizza Hut's new ultimate stuffed crust pizza. Domino's, for its part, introduced far fewer ads than Pizza Hut, with just six entrants. But three of those six took the remaining slots in the top ten.

Domino's and Pizza Hut may not be winning national taste tests any time soon—but they're sure good at getting people to buy their product. Pizza Hut's dominance didn't come out of nowhere. Pizza Hut has long been a trendsetter in advertising, using video games and celebrities to promote its offerings long before its rivals. To prove it, here's a Greatest Hits slideshow of Pizza Hut ads over the past 25 years.

Pizza Hut Ads